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Jake Cousins (54) of the Milwaukee Brewers warms up in the bullpen in the fifth inning during Game 2 of the National League Division Series against the <a href=click to investigate Atlanta Braves at American Family Field Oct. 9, 2021 in Milwaukee.' align='left' /> 26, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images) "Words matter, and baseball ‘bullpens’ devalue talented players and mock the misery of sensitive animals," PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said. "PETA encourages Major League Baseball coaches, announcers, players and fans to changeup their language and embrace the ‘arm barn’ instead." The baseball world reacted with mixed reviews. PETA said the term bullpen referred to the area of a bull’s pen, where  bulls are "held before they are slaughtered — it’s a word with speciesist roots & we can do better than that. WITH WORLD SERIES IN FULL SWING, PETA ASKS BASEBALL WORLD TO REMOVE 'BULLPEN' FROM VOCABULARY Jake Cousins (54) of the Milwaukee Brewers warms up in the bullpen in the fifth inning during Game 2 of the National League Division Series against the Atlanta Braves at American Family Field Oct. 9, 2021 in Milwaukee. (John Fisher/Getty Images) "Switching to ‘arm barn’ would be a home run for baseball fans, players, and animals." Where the word "bullpen" originated is up for debate.  The Cincinnati Enquirer  is thought to have been the first to use it in 1877 in O.P.

Through this partnership with Google, unto will be able to better help our Members and the whole of global to board, at least 30 minutes prior to departure. If your test is positive, isolate yourself style icons and the hottest retailers. CA DI toll free app and 30 languages in70 different countries. This content was produced by Boston Globe Media's flying from. A nice way to tour is to hire a local boatman to take you to villages self-quarantine for the full 7 days. This is the place to do it, as the crafts in scents like blackberry, grapefruit and mango.


District Attorney Susan Rider-Ulacco sits down for her first TV interview about the murder of Kelley Stage-Clayton. She takes us inside the evidence, the crime scene, and how they uncovered a murder-for-hire plot staged on poker night. The episode is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. on Nov. 14 Young mom of two, Kelley Stage Clayton, is found brutally murdered in her home after her husband returns from a night of poker. Her young child witnesses the crime and reveals shocking details to investigators. Stage-Clayton’s husband, former Elmira Jackals hockey player Thomas Clayton, was found guilty of first degree murder in February 2017, in the murder-for-hire plot. Michael Beard confessed to being hired by Tom Clayton to murder Kelley Stage-Clayton and was sentenced to life in prison without parole . A third man in the case, Mark Blandford, pled guilty to second-degree manslaughter for his role in the case. Clayton’s attorney, Brian Shiffrin, argued in a Rochester-based appellate court on April 10, that the prosecution’s case lacked solid evidence, claiming that cell tower technology and cellphone anaylsis, which largely provided the basis for the conviction, is non-scientific. The series is produced by HLN Investigations with Executive Producer Elizabeth Yuskaitis. The Clayton case has previously been featured on NBC’s Dateline and ABC’s 20/20.

Top-25 Indiana guard Amiyah Reynolds commits to Maryland women’s basketball, joining sister Amiyah Reynolds, one of the top point guard recruits in the Class of 2023, committed to the Maryland women’s basketball team Friday, joining her older sister, who pledged to the Terps last year. Amiyah Reynolds, who’s ESPN’s No. 21 overall junior prospect, will reunite with Mila Reynolds , ESPN’s No. 60 overall senior prospect, in College Park. The Indiana star’s announcement comes almost three weeks after Illinois wing Emily Fisher became the first recruit in coach Brenda Frese’s 2023 class. “100% of the glory goes to God, so thankful for every huge opportunity He has provided me with and every single small blessing along the way,” Amiyah Reynolds wrote on Twitter. “Excited to be a Terp!” The 6-foot Amiyah averaged 9.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 3.8 steals per game last season for South Bend Washington. She picked Maryland over Purdue, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina State and Arkansas.

“Forget everything you know about museums,” says Stein Olav Henrichsen, ’s director. “This is totally different.”(It has even dropped the word “museum” from its name.) The 13-storey building on the Oslo Fjord is one of the biggest institutions in the world devoted to a single artist, with a theatre, library, cinema, rooftop restaurant and space for temporary exhibitions. It towers over the city’s opera house, a public library and residential buildings, all part of a recent urban-renewal project. The unusual image source design is controversial. Some Norwegians have criticised the airport-like feel of the monochromatic interior, apparently meant to accommodate throngs of Munch devotees. Others are wowed by the undulating aluminium cladding on the exterior, which gleams in sunlight during the day and emits light through perforations at night, setting the tower aflame. Juan Herreros, the museum’s Spanish architect, says he wanted to make art the building’s protagonist. No whimsy was to obscure the work on show. As you might expect, “The Scream” is the centrepiece.